Gentle Giant Verdi Verde Macaws for sale
Verdi Verde Macaws for sale
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Gentle Giant Verdi Macaws
2650.00 - 2850.00
Based on age at time of pickup

Gentle Giant Verdi's make exceptional pets due to the docile and affectionate temperament of the Great Green Buffon Macaw. We used the absolute largest specimen breeding stock available. The Massive Central American Scarlet's
(Ara macao cyanoptera) utilized for this Hybrid Macaw are the largest ever
seen by most breeders and have vivid colors with the large 4 feather wide
yellow wing banding.
Central American Scarlet Macaws
Extremely Large Central American Scarlet Macaw Babies For Sale
1850.00 to 2000.00
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Majority of Scarlet's in the USA are the (Ara macao macao ) and one way you tell is to look at the wings, a green band (feathers) separating the yellow from the blue tip is a (Ara macao macao). Also the (Ara macao macao) is much smaller bird.

In Central American Scarlet Macaws (Ara macao cyanoptera) The wing length and overall size is noticeably greater than that of Ara macao. Also the Central American Scarlet's have a yellow wing band that is up to four feathers wide and also sometimes buffed by blue tips where the yellow and blue come together, but only a slight amount of the tip of the yellow feather is covered by this blue color.
The red color appears to be much brighter.In our birds the yellow feathers are mostly solid colored with tail feathers up to 36 inches long.

Most babies 98% sold in the market today come from breeders and or brokers that are constantly buying, selling and or trading new stock which exposes their birds to a host of potential diseases and or sickness.

Our babies are unique in that they come from a closed aviary since 1999.   Why is that important to you?
We do not buy/trade babies and or adult birds from other breeders to restock and or to resell. We also do not attend bird fairs, shows and or allow private showings of our collection. This ensures that you receive a happy well adjusted and most importantly a healthy baby that has
not been exposed to sickness and or disease.
Harlequin Macaws BabiesFor Sale
1850.00 - 2000.00
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1- baby available
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Please note; that due to the many Internet scams and safety, we prefer to talk to you via phone so that we can know where our babies will be placed and to develop a relationship with you the buyer. First step is to fill out form, second step is to call us. Feel free to let us know in the comments form below the best
time to reach you and please leave detailed questions.
For immediate response call 866-922-7754
******Please note; Due to the demand, rarity and high quality our Macaws are sold only from a waiting list. ****** is proud to
offer high quality, extremely large
Parrot and Macaw babies for sale. We have mated only top of the line,  focusing on above average size and color. Breeder's state that our Scarlet Macaws are the largest they ever seen and compared to the growth chart studies produced at ABRC outlined in "Psittacine Aviculture, Perspectives, Techniques and Research" they top out much larger with greater weight.
We at believe that the Gentle Giant Verdi's we offer as pictured above are the largest with the best coloration available in the market today.

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Please click the link above to review and or to become a member of the AFA. As a bird owner, bird lover and or bird breeder it's important to be informed and stand united on all issues that affect our rights to breed and own these beautiful creatures.
American Federation of Aviculture Inc.
Parrot Babies For Sale
Parrots for Sale Listing & Information
Please note; due to the many Internet scams and to promote safety, we prefer to talk to you via phone so that we can know where our babies will be placed and to develop a relationship with you the buyer. First step is to fill out form, "second step is to call us."

In most cases we will not respond to emails unless we have talked via phone prior to email. We will not answer one line emails "do you have any left?"

Feel free to let us know in the comments form above the best time to reach you and please leave detailed questions.
For immediate response call
Looking for the hard to find perfect hand feeding syringe for baby Parrots and Macaws. These superior quality syringes feature a silicone o-ring for smooth, reliable operation. The long lasting black silicon seal o-ring is unaffected by hand feeding formula's or disinfectants.We can include with your baby for an additional cost of 15.00
100 CC Catheter Tip O-Ring StyleParrot Handfeeding Syringe
100 CC Catheter Tip O-Ring Style Parrot Handfeeding Syringes
Why ParrotDaddy is Different

Tell a friend about this page has used the ZuPreem bird food for almost 20 years and has experinced great success.

For us Zupreem is helping to produce Parrot's that are extremely large, healthy with vibrant coloring. We have not had any birds that cannot eat Zupreem and or done well with their food products.

We have used most all of the hand feeding formulas available on the market today and "hands-down" the Zupreem Embrace Plus for Macaws has produced heavier babies by as much as 14 to 15%. But another feather in Zupreem's cap is the colors are so much brighter and crisp.

*** Please note we are not being endorsed by Zupreem but just sharing facts that will help you to produce happy healthy parrots.
Psittacine Parrot babies for sale
Mazuri Complete Parrot Feed
We also really like and have used the Mazuri Parrot successfully for 20+ years
Harlequin Macaw
Mazuri Parrot Feed
Establishing Good Feeding Habits For A Lifetime
From an early age at we introduce lot's of fresh fruits, dried fruit, nuts and a balanced pellet diet. This establishes a lifetime of good eating habits. An example of fresh fruit used through the weaning process into adulthood would include and not limited to bananas, grapes, apples, papaya, oranges, blueberries, blackberries and fresh corn on the cob.

We do not recommend feeding a primary seed mix diet as the main staple, and have seen the long term health issues that a seed diets facilitate. Note we do use Higgin's Fruit to Nuts which includes seeds as a treat rewards system, but never as a primary diet.
"We feed and recommend using all the products listed on this page. Feeding a balanced pellet diet supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and dried fruit will produce a lifetime of good health for your parrot ."
Well Baby Care Package
Parrot Harlequin Macaw
Large Vivid Colored Handfed Blue & Gold Macaw Babies For Sale.
1000.00-1800.00 based on age
at time of pickup.
Blue & Gold Macaw For Sale
Great Green Buffon Macaw
Great Green Buffon Macaws
Note: Due to the Rarity of the Pure Great Green Buffon Macaw in the US, we have decided not to offer our babies for sale.
Catalina Macaws
This makes for a very affectionate Macaw with striking colors. Harlequin Macaw typically takes on the natural docile side of the Green-winged Macaw. The word 'Harlequin' is defined as clown and these playful birds can truly live up to that reputation and have outstanding pet quality.
We used the absolute largest specimen breeding stock available. The Massive Green-Winged Macaw (Ara chloroptera) x Blue & Gold ( Ara ararauna) utilized for this Hybrid.

1850.00-2000.00 based on age at time of pickup.

Central American Scarlet Macaws (Ara macao cyanoptera) x Blue & Gold ( Ara ararauna) utilized for this Hybrid. Due to utilizing the Large Central American Scarlet, our Catalina's will  be much larger with brighter colors.

Blue & Gold ( Ara ararauna)
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Your One Stop Source For High Quality Premier Heart-Cut Cypress Log Homes and Log Home Materials.
Any Macaw baby that is still being handfed at time of pickup will require a " Well Baby Care Package " to be purchased.
The package will consist of the following items;
1- 10lb bag of Zupreem Embrace Plus Macaw Handfeeding Formula

1- 100cc handfeeding syringe

1- Digital Thermometer

1- Clear Plastic tub with two white bath towels.

Total additional cost $90.00
(Please note; does not profit off the sale of the Well Baby Care Package and is sold to you at our cost ensuring the baby gets off to a good start)
[image of  Kings Cages logo]
We recommend and use only King's Cages. Being in the Macaw business over 30 years we have had to buy new cages on an average of every 5 to 6 years. But not with King's Cages. These are a lifetime investment that saves you money. The average competitors cage starts falling apart in 5 years, welds break, latches and food bowl holders all fail due to the massive strength of the Macaws. Not to mention paint starts chipping giving you an ugly, unhealthy cage. We were able to switch to King Cages and they will last the lifetime of the Macaw and always look beautiful. We also will save over 2000.00 dollars per pair on long-term cage cost.

If you would like to buy a King's Cage feel free to contact us and we will be happy to show you how to buy direct. And give you a true discount coupon with free shipping.
The discount coupon we send is to thank our customers for giving the best cage available to our feathered friends. Just email us for yours.

Want The Best Cage Money Can Buy?
Out of all the Macaws we raise, we have found these to be one of the top talkers.
"Great for training and show birds."
Be sure to visit our site often, Parrot Daddy will be releasing two brand new never produced hybrids soon. These will be the first time ever produced in the world. You will have the opportunity to own a unique rare macaw.
Good News, openings for next clutch
***"We do not offer shipping for
Blue & Gold Macaws,  pickup only."***
Buyer assumes all shipping cost.
***Note: We do not ship out of the USA*** ***We do not sell or trade adults.*** is based out of
Sunny North Florida
Please be aware that we can not confirm until reservations have been made. We will not be responsible for weather delays enforced by airlines.
Shipping cost estimate for Delta Dash Airlines is approximately 260.00 with insurance and shipping crate.
Pricing will be adjusted based on age of bird and stage of weaning at time of pick-up. We will sell babies at 6 weeks to experienced handfeeders at our discretion, up to fully weaned babies. We will not ship Macaws babies until they are eating soft foods and are at least two months of age.
Note: We have noticed that several breeders are jumping on the band wagon using the term
"Central American Scarlet Macaws" as a selling tool. Much like the term "Bolivian" for the Blue & Gold's and in most cases they are not correct.
We utilized the absolute largest specimen breeding stock available. These Central American Scarlet's (Ara macao cyanoptera) are the largest ever seen by most breeders and have vivid colors with the large yellow four feather wide wing banding. The Proof is in the size.
****Please note; Due to the high demand, rarity and quality our Macaws are sold only from a waiting list.****
Taking deposits & reservations now.  Shipping is available.
Gentle Giant Verde (Verdi) Macaws
Extreme Verdi Macaws
Giant Central American Scarlet Macaws
Harlequin Macaws
Catalina Macaws
Blue & Gold Macaws
Great Green Buffon Macaws
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Updated News
"Specializing In Rare Hybrid Macaws and High Quality Macaw Specimens"
Where Size & Color Does Matter
Please note; Due to the many Internet scams and theft we prefer that first initial contact is made via phone. Once that first contact has been made we are more than happy to converse via email.
1 -Extreme Verde
1- Catalina's
Taking deposits for
our new hybrid the
Extreme Verdi Macaw.
to see baby photos and videos
Also taking deposits on new limited Extreme Verdi's, watch facebook/parrotdaddy for new photos.
(Based on age at  pickup)
Note: True Central Americans do not have little to no green feather's on the back.